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Do what you love and are good at. Help your community and the environment. And earn money for it on Fixable.

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About fixers on Fixable

We encourage both professional repairers and skilful amateurs/hobbyists to sign up here. Why both?

Because if something valuable to you breaks, you'd generally want a professional to repair it. But you're unlikely to pay a professional to fix cheaper items - and it's these things that end up in landfill. So we're looking for professionals, but also skilful amateurs who might repair the cheaper items more affordably and keep them out of the waste stream.

If you're a professional repairer

Pitch yourself as the go-to repairer for high value items, complex and difficult jobs. You have the skills and experience to stand out (and we’ll help by giving you a special badge for your listing and profile). Help your customers prolong the life of the things that are most valuable and precious to them.

If you're a skilful hobbyist/amateur

We hope you'll sign up to repair cheaper items for a fair price, and in the process help your community, save people money, and divert waste from landfill.

How to

Step 1: First you'll sign up to Fixable and enter some general information.

Step 2: Then you'll need to add a listing for your repair skills. This is where you’ll add more detail about your skills and experience, any certifications you have, and really sell yourself. Find more detail in the FAQs or contact us via the speech bubble at bottom right or here.

Step 3: Once you've added your listing you'll be prompted to complete Stripe onboarding (our payment processor). This stage is required for legal reasons so that you can receive payment (includes entering bank account and other identity verification details. Read more about payments and data security here).

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