Mar 08, 22

Fixable platform

What might the future look like for the Fixable platform?

It's early days at Fixable and right now we're working on growing the numbers of fixers and fixees. Fixable is a two-sided marketplace, which means that for every additional fixer or fixee who joins, the marketplace becomes more useful for all the existing users - more potential work for fixers, more options for repair for fixees. This is why we love it when you tell your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances about Fixable. (You can share using the links above!)

We have a big vision for Fixable and for repair and reuse in general. Our roadmap for features and expansion includes:

  • Expanding Fixable into more local government areas, first in Victoria, but also anywhere in Australia where there's interest
  • Allowing users to offer items for hire or loan, so they can earn money or help their community using tools and equipment that often sit idle
  • Selling more and different repair-related items - including from retailers/wholesalers
  • Launching the Fixorium, a forum for fixers to share discussions, ask for and give advice, celebrate successes, laugh at/commiserate with failures, teach repair lessons, host webinars, etc
  • Continue to develop the Fixometer, our database of repairability and durability of common products. The big idea here is to produce a resource that can help consumers buy better, encourage (or shame?) manufacturers who produce substandard products, and even help governments develop better policies
  • Develop courses to train promising fixers to become professionals, thereby bolstering the industry¬†
  • Provide proper full-time and part-time work to fixers all over Australia by becoming the decentralised repair department for manufacturers and retailers¬†

These are just some of the ideas on our roadmap and bouncing around in our heads at the moment. Let us know here if you can think of more!