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Our primary aim is to make repair and reuse convenient for everyone. As fixers you play a huge role in that, so we want to make your job as easy and enjoyable as possible. If there is anything you think we can do better, please let us know


Fixers on Fixable

We encourage both professional repairers and skilful amateurs/hobbyists to sign up. Why both?

Because if something valuable or precious to someone breaks, they'd generally want a professional to repair it. But they're unlikely to pay a professional to fix cheaper items - and it's these things that end up in landfill. So we'd love to recruit professionals for the complex, difficult and high value jobs, and also skilful hobbyists who might repair the cheaper items more affordably and keep them out of landfill.

If you're a professional repairer

Pitch yourself as the go-to repairer for high value items, complex and difficult jobs. You have the skills and experience to stand out (and we’ll help by giving you a special badge for your listing and profile). Find new customers on Fixable and help them prolong the life of the things that are most valuable and precious to them. (NB: As a professional you are required to provide evidence of your own liability insurance.)

If you're a skilful hobbyist/amateur

Sign up to help your community save their stuff, save them money, put your valuable skills to use, and help divert fixable things from landfill. Our hope is that you'll be able to repair cheaper items affordably so that more people will choose repair and reuse over discard and replace.

Certifications / Licences

If you plan to repair anything that requires a licence (e.g. certain electrical items), you must hold a current licence. We will provide a badge for your profile to help you and your qualifications stand out, and we will require evidence of the licence/accreditation.


The Process

Step 1: Sign up as a fixer (click the Get started button on this page).

Step 2: Add a listing for your repair services -- via the link in the top menu or the blue box on the homepage. Read about this in detail in the FAQs or ask us a question via the speech bubble at bottom right or here.

Step 3: Complete Stripe onboarding (our payment processor) -- this step is legally required so that you can receive payments and is as safe as any major bank. Read more about payments and data security here

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