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Become A Fixer

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Find A Fixer

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Fixable connects locals on a two-sided platform for all things repair & reuse

How it works

You're A Fixer

You're a fixer

You're A Fixer

You’re great at fixing things. You might do it as your business or job, or as a hobby. Become a repair hero in your community by saving people's stuff — post a listing with your skills, experience and location so people who need something fixed can find you. Grow your business by meeting new customers. Earn some pocket money from your hobby. Share your skills with your community.

Happy Fixer
For now we’re focussed on the Moonee Valley council area in Melbourne, but feel welcome to sign up if you live outside there For now we’re focussed on the Moonee Valley council area in Melbourne, but feel welcome to sign up if you live outside there
You're A Fixee

You're a fixee

You're A Fixee

You know that feeling when you cannot belieeeve that thing has already broken/torn/stopped working? Usually just after the warranty has ended? Or that sick feeling when something precious to you breaks? Well, get a win over dodgy manufacturing and bad luck by searching for a fixer nearby to save your stuff. It's easier than choosing the right bin. And fixing feels good.

Happy Fixee

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What can you get fixed?
Anything that can be thrown away (so not vehicles or machinery, for example). From bicycles to baby prams, clothes to computers, fridges to furniture, hairdryers to home handyman, shoes, smartphones, toasters, toys and anything in between.
What else can you do on Fixable?
If you have anything repair-related to sell, hire out, lend, or give away, add a listing. And if you need any of those things, you'll find them here. We're starting just with spare parts (including 3D-printed), but will very soon add tools and equipment, other repair products, and repaired, repurposed or upcycled items. Oh, and you can also post a request or announcement for the Fixable community to read.
How do fees and pricing work?
Fixers set their own half-hourly rate and then agree a price for each job with the fixee (via messaging) based on how long it will take. People selling and hiring set their own prices, like any marketplace.

Fixable charges a 10% commission on all paid transactions on the platform, which covers platform fees and Fixable’s social/environmental impact initiatives. As a social enterprise, Fixable needs to charge a fee so it can be a viable, sustainable business in its own right, and that way maximise its impact.

About Fixable

Brendan Norris - Fixable Founder

I'm Norry, the founder of Fixable, and I'm building something I wish existed. Why?

Firstly, I detest waste. I especially hate throwing something away (there is no "away") because it's broken and I can't fix it. Which leads me to the second reason. I'm no good at fixing things; my brain just doesn't seem to be wired that way. But I know there are many clever people in every neighbourhood who *are* wired that way. Whether it's mending clothes, electronics, furniture, appliances, toys, etc, I want to celebrate their skill and resourcefulness. So I decided to build a way for people like me to connect with people like them. Fixable’s ultimate goal is to make repair and reuse a social norm again — just what everyone does.

When something breaks or stops working and you manage to repair it and give it new life (either yourself or with someone's help), you genuinely feel as though you've won. You save money. You prolong something's life. You avoid waste. You get a win over bad luck and dodgy manufacturing. The sense of accomplishment can be profound. It's a wonderful feeling, and it can be addictive.

Join Fixable and experience it.

The future is fixable.