A community-based, online marketplace connecting people who need things fixed with others nearby who are great at fixing things (launching soon in Moonee Valley)

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Fixable. For when they didn't make it like they used to

Newsom Street, Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
Feel welcome to send me ideas, questions & suggestions at

About Fixable

Fixable is a social enterprise, which means we contribute minimum 50% of our profits to our environmental/social purpose.

Fixable's mission: make getting something repaired as convenient as throwing it away.

How? By building a community-based, online platform to connect people & organisations who need things fixed with others nearby (professionals & skilled hobbyists) who are great at fixing things. We'll make Fixable THE online place to go to find a fixer, buy/sell/trade/borrow/rent anything repair related, as well as teach, learn and read about repair.

Why? The purpose behind Fixable is to divert maximum items from landfill to avoid environmental damage and waste of resources. Also, to provide work, income, purpose and community engagement for the resourceful, clever and sometimes downright genius people who repair and repurpose things.

The future is Fixable

We're starting in the Moonee Valley area of Melbourne, with plans to expand outwards to the rest of Melbourne, Victoria and then Australia. We're recruiting two types of fixers:

Repair businesses/professionals to help people with high value items and specialised or complex repairs.

Skilled hobbyists or retired professionals to help with those items that most people wouldn’t pay a professional to fix - e.g. cheaper appliances, electronics, clothing, toys, home decor, furniture, etc. These are the items that end up in landfill.

And if you need something fixed, sign up and we'll do whatever we can to connect you with someone who can make it happen.

About me

I'm building something I wish existed. If you’re anything like me, you have a bunch of things lying around at home that are broken or not working in some way, but you can’t bear to throw them away. My problem is that I'm no good at fixing things, to the amusement of my wife and our 4 and 2 year old. I try, and I'll keep trying, but my brain just doesn't seem to be wired that way. But I know there are plenty of people in every community whose brains ARE wired that way. So I'm building a way for people like me to connect with people like them.

The future is Fixable.

Brendan Norris - Founder

Newsom Street, Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
Feel welcome to send me ideas, questions & suggestions at