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The future is Fixable

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How Fixable will work

Fixable's mission: make getting something repaired as convenient as throwing it away.

We're building a community-based repair marketplace to connect people and organisations who need things fixed with others nearby (professionals and skilled hobbyists) who are great at fixing things.

How fixable will work
1. Fixable will be free for users and fixers (repairs charged outside of Fixable) to make it as easy as possible to get things repaired.
2. Search for a fixer by location, type of repair, skill level (professional / skilled hobbyist), user reviews.
3. Send your chosen fixer a message with details of the job, they propose a price, arrange delivery/collection of the item, complete the repair, both fixer and user submit reviews.

Fixable's aims
1. Make it really easy to find a repair professional for jobs that require their special skills.
2. Help sustain & grow the repair industry - make it mainstream again.
3. Unlock a source of skills that exist in every community: resourceful, skilful people who are great at fixing things but don't do it for a job.
4. Save people & organisations money on buying replacements.
5. Prevent landfill, environmental degradation & waste of resources.

Ideas for Fixable's future

  • Online & in-person (when allowed) repair seminars for fixers - upskill, share ideas

  • Improve, repurpose & upcycle as well as repair

  • Marketplace for selling or swapping spare parts

  • Sell and share 3D-printed parts & designs

  • Database/directory of repairable, durable products, best brands/manufacturers

The future is Fixable

About us

Our goal for Fixable is to make getting something repaired as convenient as throwing it away.

We're building Fixable for those of you who, like us, are tired of that feeling of disappointment (or anger?) when something breaks when it shouldn’t. And for those of you who love that feeling when you succeed in prolonging the life of something valuable to you when you thought it was lost.

We're building something we wish existed

I'm fed up. And I know a lot of you are too. I'm fed up with things breaking before they should. Fed up with poor manufacturing, with planned obsolescence, with the disposability of seemingly everything. Fed up with being told to "just buy a new one". Fed up with the false economy of cheap replacements. Fed up with the amount of fixable things that go to landfill. And fed up with recycling being promoted as the saviour, when it should be the last resort.

But I'm also encouraged. Encouraged by how many people want to live a lifestyle of repair, reuse and repurpose. Encouraged by how many people have the repair skills needed to give our belongings a second life. Encouraged by how many people are resisting the underhanded strategies of corporations who just want us to keep buying more stuff. We hit peak stuff long ago.

My problem is that I'm not very good at fixing things. I try, and I'll keep trying, but my brain just doesn't seem to be wired that way. But I know there are plenty of people nearby whose brains ARE wired that way. So I'm building a way for people like me to connect with people like them.

Let's prevent fixable things from ending up in landfill. Let's champion those in our communities who have valuable repair skills. Let's turn Australia into a repair society.

The future is Fixable.

Brendan Norris - Founder

Newsom Street, Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
Feel welcome to send me ideas, questions & suggestions at